Lehman, Layman, Lemon Genealogy,
DNA Enhanced

Families B thru G


Family B
         This family is of Haplogroup G-M201,. Contrary to earlier beliefs,  Haplogroup G is not uncommon in the general area of Switzerland from whence our early Lehman ancestors emigrated. Haplogroup G was the first branch of Haplogroup F outside of Africa. G is found mostly in the north central Middle East and the Caucasus, with smaller numbers around the Mediterranean and eastward. In an article by Darvin L. Martin entitled, “Unveiling the Deep Ancestry of Swiss Anabaptist Forbears,” appearing in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, Vol. 33, No. 3, July 2010, the Swiss families of Beiler, Vorster, Hegi, Hauser, Rufene, Kurtz and Gerber have all been determined to be in subgroups of Haplogroup G. Folks with the surnames Kurtz and Gerber in particular intermarried with Lehman families  and appear in profusion as baptism witnesses in Swiss Lehman records.

Tests 100, 125, 135, 145 and 169
  These participants are confirmed descendants of Christian Lehman, a German-speaking Swiss Mennonite, who immigrated into Philadelphia on the Britannia on 21 Sep 1731. By the fact that Christian, son of the 1717 immigrant, Peter, was appointed guardian of Christian's minor children after his death, the theory is supported that Family A.1 and Family B not only were well acquainted, one with another, but also believed themselves to be related to one another. Furthermore, it is now apparrent that  mutual belief of a relationship was not limited to the two families in Sevier Co., TN, but almost surely antedates immigration. See p. 135 of LLGH. This leads us to further speculate that, inasmuch as Family A.1 is traced to the Worb, Vechigen area of the Swiss Emmental, Christian and Joseph are also products of that geographical area. Speculation is, accordingly, further fueled that Christian was the Christian baptized 08 Apr 1692 at Vechigen by Mennonites, Peter Lehman and his second wife, Babi Jung.
..1. Christian Lehman, b. abt. 1692 in Europe; d. 1744 in Lancaster Co., PA
..+Veronica, b. abt. 1706 in Europe; m. abt. 1725 in Europe; d. aft. 1748
….2. John Lehman, b. 1726 - 1727 in Europe; d. Feb 1798 in Lancaster Co., PA
….+Mary, b. abt. 1727
……3. Jacob Lehman, b. 1764 in Mt. Joy Tsp., Lancaster Co.; d. 21 Sep 1834 in Franklin Co., PA
……+Catharine Martin, b. 04 Jul 1769; d. 12 Apr 1831 in Franklin Co.

……..4. Jacob Lehman, b. 22 Nov 1802 in Franklin Co.; d. 11 Jan 1881
……..+Mary Stauffer, b. 22 Jun 1801 in Franklin Co.; m. 1828; d. Mar 1877
..........5. Jacob Lehman, b. 1835 in Lancaster Co., PA 
...........+Mary R. Stauffer, b. 1839 in Lancaster Co.; m. 1869 
............6. Frank Lehman, b. 1873 in Lancaster Co.  
..............7. Jacob Stauffer Lehman, b. 1906 in Lancaster Co.; d. 1974 in Cape May Co., NJ
..............+Ida Ray Lynn, b.  abt. 1908                    
................8. J. Stauffer Lehman, b. 1940 in Philadelphia Co., PA; d. 1977 in New York, NY. A descendant generates Result 100.
……..4. Samuel Lehman, b. 05 Dec 1807 in Guilford Tsp., Franklin Co., PA; d. 14 Sep 1874
……..+Mary Sheller, b. abt. 1809; d. 1837
……….5. Samuel C. Lehman, b. 1834; d. 1899
……..,,+Margaret Ann Barkdoll, b. 1834; d. 1870
…………6. Ira Mathis Lehman, b. 1868; d. 1922
…………+Mary Jane Trostle, b. 1867; d. 1947
…………..7. Leroy Samuel Lehman, b. 1895; d. 1975
…………..+Lucille Ester Gnagy, b. 1896; d. 1986. Participant 125 descends from Leroy and Lucille.

……..*2nd wife of (gen. 4) Samuel Lehman                  
……..+Magdalena Emmert (Emkert) Foutz, b. abt. 1811; d. 1899. Fouts may be a deceased first husband.
……....5. Adam Shaller Lahman, b. 1840; d. 1911
……....+Sara A Riddlesbarger, b. 1840               
............6. Alfred C. Lahman, b. abt. 1866 in Lee Co., IL
............+Jane Malmsbury Batti, b. Jul 1873

..............7. Walter Battin Layman, b. 18 Jun 1904
..............+Hattie, b. abt. 1906. Participant 145 descends from Walter and Hattie.
………...6 Bert. E. Lahman, b. 1879; d. 1964
………...+Larene D. Wingerter, b. 1885; d. 1967
…………..7. Eugene F. Lahman, b. 1919; d. 1989
…………..+Madeline A. Gonsch, b. 1919; d. 1984
Participant 135 descends from Eugene and Madeline.
..........5. Joseph Emert Lehman, b.  12 Mar 1850 in Pennsylvania
............6.. Wilton D. Lehman, b.  abt. 1875 in Illinois; d. 28 Sep 1945 in Dupage, Co., IL
..............7. Clayton Lehman, b.  11 Aug 1920 in Illinois; d. 13 Sep 2003 in Harrison Co., MS.  Participant 168 descends from Clayton.

Tests 32 thru 38 and 119
        In view of his close relationship to Christian who arrived  on the Britannia on 21 Sep 1731, it is possible that the Joseph  was a son of the immigrant, Christian and his wife, Veronica, born after the couple immigrated in 1731 with  six European-born children. Veronica was a young woman of 25 and Christian in his early forties when they stepped off of the Britannia onto the shores of the New World. It would seem unlikely that they had no more children. The problem with this theory is that Christian died 12 years after he immigrated; there was administration of his estate and an Orphans Court hearing with no mention of American-born children.
       The most likely scenario is  that the Family B. Joseph was  the Joseph Lemann who stepped onto the shores of the New World on 30 Sep 1754 from the Brothers. The Joseph on the Neptune in 1751 was the Joseph naturalized 22 Sep 1765 at Oley Tsp., Berks Co., PA. He died in Colebrookdale Tsp., Berks Co. bef. 07 Mar 1768; and he may be ruled out as the Family B Joseph. 
        The first proven record of Family B Joseph has him appearing as an adjoining property owner on a survey in Augusta (now Rockingham)  Co., VA dated 3 May 1774.  Inasmuch as we know that Christian was a German-speaking Swiss Mennonite, Joseph was almost surely German-speaking Swiss also. 
        The results of the seven identical tests that follow are all traced to brothers in a single, specific late Eighteenth Century household. Ch. 12 of Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook is devoted to this family. The lines of descent follow:
..1. Joseph Laymon, b. abt. 1731; d. aft. 1812 in Clermont Co., OH
..+Anna, b. abt. 1737; d. abt. 1805 in Sevier Co., TN
….2. John Laymon, b. bet. 1750 – 1751; d. 1834 in Bartholemew Co., IN
.…+Martha Jane Goodpasture, b. 1773 in Augusta Co., VA; d. 1835 in Bartholemew Co.
...…3. Abraham Laymon, b. 1787 in Washington Co., (to be) TN; d. Mar 1853 in Bartholemew Co., IN
.......+Elizabeth Goodpasture, b. abt. 1788; m. 05 Feb 1807 in Warren Co., OH; d. bef. 1850
........ 4. James M. Laymon, b. abt. 1807 in Clermont Co., OH; d. 1890 in Grundy Co., IL
..........+Maria Sloan, b. abt. 1809 
..........5. George Laymon, b. 1827 in Clermont Co., OH; d. 1921 in Santa Cruz Co., CA
............6. Cornelius Laymon, b. 1852 in Howard Co., IN; d. 1935 in San Francisco Co., CA
............+Frances Riley, b. abt. 1854 
.............7 . Fred Laymon, b. 1903 in Monterey Co., CA; d. 1973 in Tehama Co., CA
.............+Winifred Risser, b. abt. 1905. A descendant is Participant 32. 
….2. Joseph Laymon, b. bet. 1765 - 1770 in Virginia; d. 1842 in Clermont Co., OH
......3. Elijah Laymon, b. abt. 1794 in (to be) Tennessee; d. aft. 1870 in Cumberland Co., IL
.....+Elizabeth, b. 1805 in Ohio 
........4. Silas B. Laymon, b. 1832 in Ohio 
...........5. George Laymon, b. 1862 in Kansas; d. 1943 in Kansas
..............6. Merton W. Laymon, b. abt. 1900 in Missouri. His descendant generates Result 35.
........4. Daniel W. Laymon, b. 1845 in Ohio; d. 1920 in Cumberland Co., IL
...........5. Eugene W. Laymon, b. 1876 in Cumberland Co., IL. His descendant generates Result 34.
….2. Daniel Layman, b. 1771 in Virginia; d. aft. 1845 in McMinn Co., TN.
.....+Sarah Jones, b. abt. 1773; m. 1797; d. in Tennessee
...…3. James Layman, b. 09 Jul 1812 in Sevier Co., TN; d. 15 Apr 1899 in Sevier Co.
........+Melvina Fox, b. 05 Feb 1810 in Sevier Co.; m. 25 Jan 1830; d. 19 Jul 1881 in Sevier Co.
.....…4. George Layman, b. 04 Apr 1835 in Sevier Co.; d. 18 Feb 1913 in Sevier Co.
..........+Sarah Byrd, b. 01 Sep 1837; d. 27 Oct 1900 in Sevier Co.
...........5. John Caswell Layman, b. 17 Jul 1870 in Sevier Co.; d. 18 Jan 1931
............+Margaret Jane Henderson, b. 28 May 1865; m. 27 Mar 1891fUrsula
...........…6. Dock John Layman, b. 07 Aug 1894 in Sevier Co..; d. 12 Feb 1954 in Sevier Co. 
...........…+Artie Mae Byrd, b. 22 Feb 1899; d. 27 Sep 1963 in Sevier Co. Their descendant generates Result 37.
..........5. William A. Layman, b. 31 Aug 1858 in Sevier Co., TN; d. 19 Feb 1946 in Cocke Co.
..........+Mary Molly Cruse, b. 23 Jul 1853 in Waynesville, NC; d. 14 Oct 1919 in Cocke Co.
...........6. John Lawson Layman, b. 30 Oct 1883 in Sevier Co.; d. 03 Jul 1948 in Sevier Co.
...........+Queena Rebecca Fox, b. 19 Apr 1884 in Sevier Co.; m. 1906 in Sevier Co.; d. 29 Apr 1937 in Sevier Co.
...............7. Garland Edward Layman, b. 23 Mar 1913 in Cocke Co., TN; d. Jun 1994
...............+Estella Mae Fincham, b. 09 Mar 1909 in Cocke Co.; m. 1935 in Cocke Co.; d. 16 Dec 1979. Their descendant produces Result 38.
...…3. Asa Maples Layman, b. 24 Nov 1818 in Sevier Co.; d. 17 Mar 1867 in Sevier Co.
........+Jane Ferguson, b. 1820 in Sevier Co.; m. 30 Apr 1843 in Sevier Co.; d. May 1880 in Sevier Co.
........4. John Marion Layman, b. 23 Jan 1844 in Sevier Co.; d. bef. 1912 in Madison Co., AL
........+Nancy L. Elder, b. 31 May 1849 in Jefferson Co., AL; m. 20 Dec 1866; d. aft. 1912
...........5. Charles Emmette Layman, b. 1869 in Sevier Co., TN 
...........+Della Scott, b. abt. 1873; m. 21 Nov 1890 in Gordon Co., GA  
............6. John Spencer Layman, b. 20 Apr 1898 in Madison Co., AL
. His descendant generates 37-marker Result 36. With  three changes, it extrapolates to a better than even chance of a common ancestor with Participant 125, the descendant of Christian who arrived on the Britannia, within nine generations, or about 225 years. Result 36 indicates also at least a 50% probability of a common ancestor with both Participant 100 and 119 within 13 generations or 325 years.  
….2. Jacob Laymon, b. 15 Apr 1778 in Virginia; d. 1858 in Clinton Co., OH
.....+Mary Taylor, b. 25 Nov 1775; m. 22 May 1799
...…3. Tavenor Laymon, b. 25 Sep 1805 in Tennessee; d. 1893 in Highland Co., OH
…….4. James Monroe Laymon, b. 1847 in Brown Co., OH; d. 1932 in Highland Co., OH
...........5. William Charles Laymon, b. 1877 in Highland Co.; d. 1963 in Hamilton Co., OH
………6. Charles Alva Laymon, b. 1924 in Highland Co., OH; d. 1971 in Philadelphia Co., PA. A descendant is Participant 33.

Test 183
        The participant has traced his line to the Joseph who arrived in the City of Brotherly Love aboard the Neptune in 1751. The result shows that he is clearly Family B and thus related to descendants of Christian on the Britannia in 1731 and Joseph on the Brothers in 1754. Your compiler was sort of expecting Family A.1 but that may be a distinction without a difference.
        Joseph is traced to Wurttenberg, Ger. where he was baptized by a Jacob and wife 07 Nov 1716. Jacob’s father, Samuel, has an estimated birth date bet. 1619 - 1644.
        As we have observed many times, there are numerous indications along the paper trail that Families B and A.1 were social ,although not genetic, relatives. They clearly thought they were related to one another. Because we know that Family A.1 had a strong presence at Vechigen, Worb and Oberdiessbach, we are constrained ro look for Samuel’s baptism at one of these three parishes. This would also square nicely with the theory that Family B Christian on the Britannia was the Christian baptized in 1692 at Vechigen.
        We have 2 baptism records of Samuels, one at Worb and one at Oberdiessbach, who are possibilities to be Samuel. They are: Worb Fam 15, b. 05 Sep 1630 to Benedict and Margaret Octrum and , at Oberdiessbach, Muspach Family 1, Ulrich and Regula Widner, b. 03 Sep 1637/38. No adult records of either have been found. It is a good bet that one of them is the grandfather of the 1751 immigrant, Family B. Joseph. The direct line to the present is:
..1. Samuel Lehman, b. bet. 1619 - 1644 in prob. Worb or Oberdiessbach, Switz..
….2. Jacob Lehman, b. 1667 in Urach, Wurttenberg, Ger.
….+Anna Barbara Kromer, b. 16 Apr 1674 in Dettingen, Urach, Ger.
……3. Joseph Lehman, b. 07 Nov 1716 in Urach Wurttenberg, Ger., d. Bet. 03 Jun 1764 - 1768 in Berks Co, PA
…… +Ursula Barbara Randecker, b. 1721 in Europe, d. 04 Dec 1790 in Berks Co, PA
……..4. Henrich Lehman, b. 20 Oct 1753 in Montgomery Co., PA, d. 1831 in Berks Co., PA
……..+Eva Wench, b. Abt. 1755
……….5. Christian Lehman, b. 31 Dec 1793 in Berks Co, PA, d. 21 Mar 1866 in Orange Tsp., Noble Co., IN
…………6. Mathias Lehman, b. 1816, d. 1845
…………..7. William W. Layman, b. at. 1842 in Crawford Co., OH, d. 08 Jan 1881 in Noble Co., IN
…………..+Phebe Ann Shoop, b. 12 Nov 1848 in Crawford Co., OH m: 11 Nov 1868 in Hamilton Co.,TN d: 22 Jun 1928 in Noble Co., IN
…………….8. Earnest Edward Mathias Layman, b. 30 Jun 1878 in Noble Co., IN, d. 03 Jul 1971 in Noble Co., IN
…………….+Lalah May Forker, b. 31 Mar 1883 in Noble Co., IN, d. 03 Aug 1966 in Noble Co., IN
………………9. Earl Leroy Layman, b. 23 Dec 1907 in Noble Co., IN, d. 24 Jun 2002 in Allen Co., IN
………………+Hilda Ida Amelia Berkes. B. Oct 1909 in Noble Co., IN; m. 11 Jun 1931 in Noble Co., IN; d. 05 Sep 2006 in Wells Co., IN. Participant 183 descends from Earl and Hilda.

Test 119 
        This 67-marker test differs by 7 changes in the first 37 markers from Test 36,  Giving consideration to the fact that the participants cannot have a common ancestor  within a minimum of six generations, it extrapolates to at least a 50% probability of a common ancestor  within 13 generations or 325 years. Comparison with Test 125 yields a similar result. This participant may be a descendant of Christian on the Britannia or we may be searching for another immigrant relative. In any event, this line is related to the immigrant, Christian.
..1. John Lehman, b. 03 Apr 1831 in Pennsylvania; d. 28 Jan 1904 in Polk Co., MO
,,+Mary Ochey, b. 17 Jan 1839 in Pennsylvania; d. 30 Sep 1928 in Greene Co., MO
….2. John William Lehman, b. Oct 1869 in Iowa; d. 1961 in Greene Co., MO              
……3. Charles Henry Lehman, b. 06 Mar 1891 in Neosho Co., KS; d. 05 May 1985 in Johnson Co., KS       
……..4. William Henry Lehman, b. 15 Jun 1924 in Wyandotte Co., KS; d. 11 Oct 1995 in Cole Co., MO. Participant 120 descends from William

Test 169
        The participant traces his ancestry to  Hans Lehmann b. abt 1630 who emigrated from Switzerland to Mittelwihr, Alsace around 1654. He had a Y-Chromosome test done other than by FTDNA. Your compiler has gone through the somewhat tedious routine of putting the results into the same marker order as FTDNA results and comparing the two. We have 43 common markers with our two 111-marker Family B tests. Comparing the common 43 markers, Brian differs from both Results 155 and 167 by 5 changes. I think that denotes a common ancestor at least after the advent of the surname system and perhaps as late as the 17th Century. If we could find a baptism record of Hans, b. abt. 1630, those of Christian and perhaps Joseph may be nearby.
..1.Hans Lehmann, b. abt. 1630 in Switzerland; d. 27 Jul 1679 in Mittelwihr, Alsace
..+Anne Bolliger, b. abt. 1632 in Rued, Switzerland; m. 01 Jul 1655 in Mittelwihr
….2. Jean Lehmann, b. 10 Jun 1666 in Mittelwihr; d. 16 Feb 1741 in Mittelwihr
….+Anna Barbe Jost, b. 01 Dec 1669 in Mittelwihr; d. 16 Feb 1741 in Mittelwihr
……3. Jacques Lehmann, b. 04 Sep 1712 in Mittelwihr; d. 30 Sep 1757 in Mittelwihr
……+Marie Madeleine Buchy , b. 16 May 1714 in Mittelwihr, m. 03 Feb 1739; d: 22 Apr 1759 in Mittelwihr
……..4. Jean David Lehmann, b. 18 Sep 1744 in Mittelwihr; d. 18 Feb 1788 in Riquewihr, France
…….. +Marie Catherine Wilfersheim, b. 22 Jan 1752 in Mittelwihr; m. 18 Feb 1774 in Riquewihr; d. 22 Jan 1820 in Riquewihr
……….5. Jean David Lehmann, b. 27 Dec 1774 in Mittelwihr; d. 03 Jun 1850 in Mittelwihr
……….+Marie Marguerithe Wurtz, b. 21 Nov 1773 in Mittelwihr; m. 08 Aug 1797 in Mittelwihr; d. 30 Jan 1848 in Mittelwihr
…………6. Jean David Lehmann, b. 14 Nov 1800 in Mittelwihr;; d. 06 Nov 1882 in Perry Co., IN
…………+Marie Salome Fiener, b. 02 Aug 1806 in Mittelwihr; m. 23 Jun 1824 in Mittelwihr; d. 05 Aug 1888 in Perry Co., IN
…………..7. Jean Jacques Lehmann, b. 14 Sep 1838 in Mittelwihr; d. 1870 in Cook Co., IL
…………..+Catherine Ann Haberer, b. 19 Nov 1839 in Munster; m. 25 Oct 1859 in Lake Co., IL; d. 26 Apr 1907 in Cook Co.
…………….8. Henry Jay Lehmann, b. 13 Jul 1869 in Cook Co.; d. 16 Oct 1944 in Evanston, Cook Co., IL
…………….+Josephine Dixon, b. 14 Feb 1876 in Delphi, Carroll Co., IN; m. 24 Nov 1901 in Evanston, Cook Co. IL; d. 13 Jul 1924
………………9. Jay Carroll Lehmann, b. 14 Sep 1910 in Cook Co.; d. 05 Jan 1975 in Evanston, Cook Co.
………………+Carol Elsa Linstrom, b. 22 Dec 1916 in Polk Co.,, NE; m. 02 Nov 1946 in Omaha, NE

Family C
Tests 39 and 54

        Benjamin Layman lived most of his adult life and died in Frederick, later Shenandoah Co., VA. 
        It may be time to advance the possibility that the Benedict Leman who immigrated on the Phoenix on 15 Sep 1749 is the Benjamin who d. in 1788 in Shenandoah Co., VA and is the progenitors of Family C.  This is theory and is not proven. Facts or arguments to the contrary are earnestly solicited. These facts support the theory:
1. Benjamin’s estimated birth year of 1723 squares well with an age of 26 at immigration.
2. Benjamin is proven to have been a German-speaking Swiss or German Mennonite. Benedict arrived with German-speaking Swiss and German Mennonites on the Phoenix.
3. The given name, Benjamin, is virtually unknown among the German and Swiss Mennonites while Benedict is prolific.
4. There are unrelated instances of the name, “Benedict,” among the Swiss and Germans being anglicized  to “Beniel” and perhaps other.
5. To the writer’s knowledge, no other arguable conjecture has been advanced as to Benjamin’s origin or of a New World accounting for Benedict who arrived on the Phoenix on 15 Sep 1749.
6. To the writer’s knowledge, there is no known record of Benjamin prior to the immigration of Benedict Leman on the Phoenix on 15 Sep 1749.
7. To the writer’s knowledge, there is no known record of any ilk, either in the New World or German-speaking Europe, that is an impediment to the theory that Benjamin of Shenandoah Co., VA and Benedict who arrived on the Phoenix are the same person.
Ch. 13 of Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook describes this family in depth.
        Two descendants have participated, albeit only in ten-marker tests. They match at all ten markers. The lines of descent are: 
..1. Benjamin Layman, b. abt. 1723, probably in Europe and as "Benedict";  d. 09 Jan 1787 in Shenandoah Co., VA
..+Barbara Baughman, b. abt. 1726 in Hempfield Tsp., Lancaster Co., PA; m. 1747; d. bef. Oct 1782 in Shenandoah Co., VA
….2. John Layman, b. abt. 1752; d. 21 Jun 1823 in Shenandoah Co.
……3. Jacob David Layman, b. 1805 in Virginia; d. 1861 in Delaware Co., OH
……..4. Henry Layman, b. 1842 in Union Co., OH; d. 1892 in Paulding Co., OH
……….5. Emanuel Cleotis Layman, b. 1883 in Paulding Co.; d. 1969 in Defiance Co., OH. A descendant yields Result 54.
….2. Isaac Layman, b. abt. 1752 in Shenandoah Co., VA; d. 27 Apr 1832 in Highland Co., OH
.....+Mary Hausman, b. abt. 1753; m. 12 Oct 1784 in Shenandoah Co. 
.....3. David Layman, b. abt. 1768 
........4. Benjamin Layman, b. 1813 in Highland Co., OH 
..........5. Eli Layman, b. abt. 1841 
............6. Albert R. Layman, b. abt. 1863; d. abt. 1944
..............7. Wilbur Reece Layman, b. 1900; d. 1943
................8. John Earl Layman, b. 1924; d. 1994. A descendant provides Result 39.

Family C.1
Tests 108, 112, 115, 117 and 175
  Had there been no DNA testing, we would nevertheless know from conventional historical research that three sons of a Hans Jacob Lehmann, who lived in Lachen-Speyerdorf in the Palatinate, immigrated to the New World. One of those three sons was Christian Leman who arrived on the Thistle of Glasgow on 29 Aug 1730 and is described in FamilyA.2. Another son was Johannes Lehman who immigrated on the Adventure Galley on 02 Oct 1727. The third was Ludwig whose transportation to the New World was provided by the Brothers, arriving in 1732. Hans Jacob is believed to be the son of Benedict Lehman, first mentioned in the Lachen records in 1664 as formerly a citizen of “Leutzingen,” Canton Bern, Switz. The following participants are now proven to a near-certainty by DNA tests to be descendants of Hans Jacob of Lachen-Speyerdorf, the Palatinate, through his son, Johannes. The Haplogroup is I-M170. Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago, or older. This haplogroup is found throughout Europe, and some branches may be present in low frequencies in Northeast Africa, Central Siberia, the Near East, and the Caucasus regions. Haplogroup I represents one of the first peoples in Europe. .See also Family Z.2.
..1. Johannes Lehman, b. 13 Jun 1700 in Lachen-Speyerdorf, Germany; d; aft. 20 Jun 1764 in Frederick Co., MD
..+Adrianna Brunner, b. abt. 1702 in Duttweiler, Germany; m. 10 Nov 1723 in Lachen-Speyerdorf, Germany; d. bef. 04 Aug 1759 in Frederick Co., MD 
….2. George Lemons, b. abt. 1738 in PA; d. Mar 1807 in Botetourt Co., VA
….+Marie Elizabeth Jung, b. abt. 1737; m. abt. 1758; d.aft. 1807 in Botetourt Co., VA
……3. Frederick Lemon, b. abt. 1757 in Frederick Co., VA; d. abt. 1830 in Botetourt Co.
……+Mary Seh, b. abt. 1765 in Berks Co., PA; m. 11 Jun 1781 in Rockbridge Co., VA; d. abt. 1850 in Botetourt Co., VA
........4. George S. Lemon, b. 25 May 1788 in Botetourt Co., VA; d. in Richie Co., VA, now WV
........+Nancy Gilliand, b. abt. 1789; m. 18 Jan 1809 in Botetourt Co., VA; d. 1872 in Wood Co, WV
..........5. George Hamilton Lemon, b. abt. 1824
............6. William Monroe Lemon, b. abt. 1870
…………..7. Dale Francis Lemon, b. 18 Jul 1914; d. 22 Nov 1994 in Parkersburg, Wood Co., WV. Participant 117 descends from Dale.

……3. Conrad Lemons, b. 18 Mar 1770 in Frederick Co., MD; d. 27 Jun 1843 in Allegheny Co., VA
……+Nancy Gilliland, b. 20 Mar 1779 in Rockingham Co., VA; m. 14 Apr 1801 in Botetourt Co., VA; d. 05 Feb 1860 in Alleghany Co., VA
……..4. George Washington Lemons, b. 20 Feb 1815; d. 20 Sep 1881
……..+Diannah Kessler, b. 21 Sep 1823; m. 07 Aug 1841; d. 31 Mar 1891
……….5. Francis Marion Lemons, b. abt. 1840                   
…………6. Charles Warner Lemons, b. abt. 1880. Participant 108 descends from Charles.
……..4. Joseph Lemon, b. 04 Apr 1817 in Alleghany Co., VA
……..+Elizabeth Matheny, b. abt. 1819
……….5. Andrew Jackson Lemon, b. Nov 1858 in Alleghany Co.,  d. bef. 1916 in Rockbridge Co., VA
…………6. Robert Jackson Lemon, b. abt. 1890 in Rockbridge Co., VA; d. 1983.
Participant 112 descends from Robert.

Test 115
        This result came as quite a surprise. The participant's  immigrant ancestor was known to have emigrated from Canton Bern, Switzerland  in the 1840s, or roughly 120 years after Johannes, That late immigrant’s descendant’s result differs at 37 markers by only 4 changes from Test 112, extrapolating to the probability of a common ancestor within a century of Johannes immigration. This tells us that close relatives of these  descendants of Johannes lived in Switzerland for more than 120 years after Johannes immigrated and before one of them came to America in the 1840s, strongly suggesting that Family C. 1 is free of false paternities and is genetically descended from the Leuzigen family. 
 ..1. Jacob Lehman, b. 26 Dec 1804 in Canton Bern, Switz. d. 01 Jan 1885 in Monroe Co., OH
..+Mary Ann, b. 20 Apr 1793 in Bern, Switz.; m. 1825 in Bern; d. 20 Feb 1870 in Monroe Co., OH
….2. Jacob Lehman, b. 15 Apr 1826 in Bern; d. 24 Nov 1900 in Monroe Co., OH
….+Barbara Kasserman, b. 01 Jan 1829 in Leuzigen, Switz.; d. 19 May 1897 in Monroe Co., OH
……3. Theophilus Lehman, b. 27 Jun 1849 in Monroe Co.; d. 18 Jul 1935 in Cuyahoga Co., OH
……+Julia Ann Lapp, b. 19 Apr 1846 in Monroe Co., OH; m. 05 Oct 1876; d. 19 Mar 1915 in Monroe Co.
……..4. Wesley G. Lehman, b. 08 Nov 1882 in Monroe Co.; d. 27 Dec 1958 in Cuyahoga Co., OH
……..+Vera McIntire, b. 12 Feb 1885 in Monroe Co., OH; d. 26 Aug 1967 in Cuyahoga Co.
……....5. Dale E. Lehman, b. 08 Oct 1909 in Cuyahoga Co.; d. 27 Feb 1993 in Cook Co., IL
……....+Grace Rose Lewis, b. 16 Nov 1908 in Cuyahoga Co., OH; m. 28 Apr 1934; d. 27 Feb 1990 in Cook Co., IL

Test 175
   This family may link to Hindlebank but we need more evidence to make the connection.
,,1. John Lehman, b. 11 Nov 1806 in Canton Bern, Switz.; d. 06 Sep 1893 in Fayette Co., IA
..+Maria Mueller,  b. 25 Mar 1807 in Canton Bern, Switz.; d. 25 Aug 1888 in Fayette Co., IA
….2. Benedict Lehman, b. 18 Sep 1832 in Canton Bern, Switz.; d. 21 Jan 1894 in Fayette Co.
….+Anna E. Lehman, b. abt. 1834
……3. Louis Lehman, b. 1864 in Fayette Co., d. 1935 in Fayette Co.
……+Louise Muehlthaller, b. abt. 1866
……..4. Max Lehman, b. 1891 in Fayette Co.; d. 02 Jun 1968 in Fayette Co.
…….. +Lillian Freiburghass , b. 1896 in Fayette Co., d. 1987 in Fayette Co.

Family D
Test  59 and 43
Ch. 14 of Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook is devoted to this family. Earlier Swiss ancestors are described in Ch 11 of Lehman Ancestors in the Swiss Emmental before Emigration. Specifically, see Signau Family 1. It is Haplogroup I-M253. It is said to date to 23,000 years ago, or older. The I-M253 lineage likely has its roots in northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking/Scandinavian populations in northwest Europe and has since spread down into Central and Eastern Europe, where it is found at low frequencies. Haplogroup I represents one of the first peoples in Europe.
        Levi Lemons is said by his descendants to have lived in Loudon Co., TN. Loudon Co. did not come into existence until 1870 when it was carved out of parts of three counties, one of which was Roane Co. He is without doubt the Levi who appears on the Roane Co., TN 1830 U. S. Census. His Y-chromosome line differs by one change on a ten-marker test from the descendant of Ulrich of Signau, described below.  
..1. Levi Lemons, b. abt. 1785 in Lancaster Co., PA 
..+Pollie McGea, b. abt. 1787 
….2. William Lemon, b. 1805 in Tennessee; d. 1884 in Polk Co., TN
..….3. James C. Lemon, b. 1828 in McMinn Co., TN; d. in McMinn Co.
....….4. James Monroe Lemon, b. 1860 in McMinn Co.; d. 1922 in Seminole Co., OK
……….5. Marvin Olan Lemon, b. 1893 in Indian Territory; d. 1941 in Los Angeles Co., CA. A descendant produces Result 59.
….2. George W. Lemons, b. 1818 in Tennessee; d. 1889 in Bradley Co., TN
….+Aria Ann Howell, b. abt. 1835; m. aft. 1860 
...…3. John H. Lemons, b. 1870 in Bradley Co., TN; d. 1953 in Bradley Co.
........4. Charles A. Lemons, b. 1890 in Bradley Co.; d. 1975 in Henry Co., VA. A descendant produces Result 43.

Test 65
The participant traces his family to John Lemons who lived in Rhea Co., TN. On the 9 markers used by both Oxford and FTDNA, he matches precisely Results 43 and 59 and the geographic proximity, in combination with the common surname,  suggests a relationship. Researchers of this family are working diligently to determine the connection between John and Levi Lemons and also a Thomas who is enumerated on the 1830 McMinn Co., TN Census, aged 40-50. 
..1. John Lemons, b. 1801 or 1802 in Tennessee; d. in Rhea Co., TN
..+Sarah Reece, b. 1819 or 1820 in Tennessee; m. 24 Dec 1832 
….2. John M. Lemons, b. 1843 or 1844 in Rhea Co., TN; d. 1898
….+ Louisia A. Barton, b. 1838 in Rhea Co.; m. 09 Feb 1865 in Rhea Co.; d. 10 Mar 1926 in Hunt Co., TX   
……3. Perry Lafate Lemons, b. 31 Oct 1876; d. 28 Mar 1915
……+ Susie Morgan, b. 16 Jan 1886 in McMinn Co., TN; m. 21 Feb 1903 
……..4. Claude Riley Lemons, b. 05 Jul 1904 in Rhea Co., TN; d. 20 Jun 1982 in Hunt Co., TX
……..+ Nola Beatrice Abbott, b.16 May 1907; m. 12 Feb 1923 in  Hunt Co. 
……….5. Claude Weldon Lemons, b. 12 Aug 1932 in Hunt Co.; d. 14 Apr 2002 in Potter Co., TX


Test 104
At all 12 common markers, Test 104 matches Test 65. Both may be descended from Levi of Test 59.
...1. James Lemons, b. bet. 1812 - 1820 in Jackson Co., TN  
.. +Nancy Hargis, b. abt. 1828; d. bet. 1858 - 1860 in Jackson Co.
....2. William Lemons, b. 06 Jan 1858 in Jackson Co.; d. 01 Dec 1921 in Putnam Co., TN  
....+Sarah Frances Taylor, b. 24 Mar 1858 in Putnam Co.; m. 15 Jan 1885 in Putnam Co.; d. 10 May 1931 in Putnam Co.
......3. John Odie Lemons, b. 25 Jun 1886 in Putnam Co.; d. 22 Jun 1940 in Davidson Co., TN  
......+Vertie Algie Jacquess, b. 28 Aug 1889 in Putnam Co.; m. 24 Dec 1904 in Putnam Co.; d. 16 Jun 1952 in Davidson Co., TN 
....….4. Fred Donald Lemons, b. 14 Sep 1906 in Putnam Co.; d. 24 Nov 1975 in Omaha, Douglas Co., NE
……..+Mildred Catherine Bennett, b. 05 Dec 1910 in Rippy, Greene Co., IA; d. 04 Jan 1982 in Omaha, NE. Participant 104 descends from Fred and Mildred.

Family D.1
Based on earlier tests of limited scope, this family was thought to be related to Family A.2. More comprehensive tests now demonstrate that, while the same Haplogroup R tells us that the families are related in a broad sense, that relationship is not genealogically significant and  the family is   re-designated Family D.1. Haplogroups are R-DF13, R-L21, and  R-M269. As we have noted elsewhere, Haplogroup R originated in Central Asia. Most descendants belong to one of two major lineages. They are present at low frequencies across Central Asia, South Asia, and Europe. 
        It might be noted that, at each level of testing, this family's closest matches are one another, but less closely related at each level are people named Maxwell. As to which surname was there first, the compiler has no clue.

Test 28 and 140   
..1. John Lemons, b. abt. 1737; d. bef. 22 May 1810 in Rockingham Co., NC
….2. Alexander Lemons, b. 08 Feb 1761 in Rockingham Co.; d. 20 Oct 1858
.....+Sarah Grant, b. abt. 1763, m: abt. 1784   
.....3. John Lemons, b. 11 Apr 1791 in Rockingham Co., NC
.........+Sarah  Sommers, b. 07 Jul 1795 in North Carolina, m,abt. 1813 
.......4. Alexander Lemons, b. 10 Apr 1814 in Rockingham Co. 
..........5.  John Lafayette Lemons, b. 04 May 1843 in Henry Co., TN;  d. 28 Aug 1905 in Alto Pass. Union Co., IL
............6. John Edger Lemons, b. 25 Aug 1870 in Union Co., IL; d. 08 Dec 1934 in Mississippi Co., MO
..............7. Ivan Lafayette Lemons, b. 28 Oct 1915 in Mississippi Co.; d. 05 Apr 1971 in Mississippi Co.
................8. Kenneth Ray Lemons, b. 19 Jul 1936 in Mississippi Co..  Participant 140 descends from Kenneth.          
........4. James Arden Lemons, b. 1819 in Rockingham Co., NC          
...........5. Alexander Alonzo Lemons, b. 1861 in Shannon Co., MO         
...........+Mattie LaMar, b. abt. 1863               
...............6. Clarence Otho Lemons, b. 1890 in Shannon Co., MO. Participant 28 descends from Clarence.   

Test 163
        A 111-marker Test, it differs from Result 140 by only 6 changes. This extrapolates to a 77% probability of a common ancestor within 12 generations. Unfortunately we have no
historical research for this participant, but so close a match to a descendant of
John Lemons who was b. abt. 1737; d. bef. 22 May 1810 in Rockingham Co., NC, suggests that Participant 163 may also descend from him, or, in any event, from a close relative of him.   

Test 171  
        The participant for this 111-marker test is a resident of Northern Ireland.  He traces his line to James Leeman, b. abt. 1877 in Belfast,  Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. The result is indicative of a better than 70% probability of a common ancestor with Participant140 within the last 12 generations. Inasmuch as each's ancestors have been on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean for virtually 3 centuries, there is virtually no chance of a common ancestor in less than that period of time. The result appears to represent another instance where we have a test of a present resident of Europe who matches an early immigrant or immigrants to the New World. It is further evidence that John Lemons, b. abt. 1737; d. bef. 22 May 1810 in Rockingham Co., NC was of Irish extraction.

Test 30
        A descendant of William Lemmons, b. abt. 1768, who settled in Harrison Co., KY has a Y-chromosome signature that matches at ten markers Result # 28, Rockingham Co., NC John, above. They may be close relatives.
..1. William Lemmons, b. abt. 1768; d. aft. 09 Jun 1819 in Harrison Co., KY
….2. William Lemmons, b. abt. 1783 in Pennsylvania; d. 1875 in Vigo Co., IN
...…3. Thomas B. Lemmons, b. 1837 in Vigo Co., IN; d. 1918 in Worth Co., MO
........4. George W. Lemmons, b. 1871 in Vermilion Co. IL; d. 1909 in Worth Co., MO
...........5. Lester O. Lemmons, b. 1895 in Worth Co.; d. 1976 in Oklahoma
..............6. Lawrence F. Lemmons, b. 1919 in Hendrix Co, IN; d. 1965 in Oklahoma  

Test 86
        This result is identical at 12 markers to Test 140. There may have been a common ancestor in Pennsylvania.
1 ..John Steele Lemmon, b. 01 Sep 1806 in Cumberland Co., PA; d. 22 May 1862 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN
....2. Sterling James Lemmon,..b. 24 Sep 1843 in Allegheny Co., PA; d: 23 Jul 1920 in Westmoreland Co., PA
....+Annie Lillian Barnard, b. 1854 in Wisconsin
…...3. Raymond Ivan Lemmon, b. 20 Sep 1882 in Kansas; d: 01 Dec 1965 in Los Angeles Co., CA
…...+Ruby Eleanor Anderson, b. 29 Nov 1888 in Mason Co., KY
……..4. Ralph Preston Lemmon, b. 13 Jul 1906 in Cloud Co., MO
……..+Clara Mae Bickel, b. 21 Nov 1915 in Yuma Co., CO. Participant 86 descends from Ralph and Clara.   

Family D.2
Tests 42 and 64

 At the nine common markers, the two tests match. Test 64, of 37 markers results does  not, however, match more comprehensive test results of Family D participants. Thus, in the judgment of the compiler, the nine-marker matches with Results  43, 59 65, and 104 , Family D,  is a false positive and the non-match with other Family D results at 37 markers justifies re-designating this family from Family D to Family D.2 The line of descent is as follows:  

Test 42
        The participant who yields Result 42 lives in Saarbrucken, Germany. His line has been traced to an “Uli” or Ulrich Lehman in the parish of Signau in the Emmental of Canton Bern, Switzerland. On a modern Swiss roadmap, the town of Signau scales to be about 21 kilometers, or 12 and a half miles, southeast of downtown Bern.
        “Uli” and his wife, Elsi Jenni baptized at least three children at Signau, among whom was an “Uli” or Ulrich, baptized 05 August 1593. His descendants have been thoroughly and very capably researched and documented by Artur Lehmann.
In view of the copious amount of documented and published information on this line, albeit in German, a research error can be virtually ruled out. 
The ancestors of this Signau family have been traced as far into the past as the beginning of preserved Kirchbuch records in the Sixteenth Century. All of that work may be and probably is totally correct, but we have not been able to verify from Kirchbuch records the baptism of Hans Lehman who, with his wife, Margaret Zuagg, baptized Nicholas Leeman on 22 December 1678 at Signau, so we will go no further into the past than Hans and Margaret. The direct line of descent of this Signau, Switzerland family from Hans and Margaret is:
..1. Hans Lehman, b. abt. 1645
..He married Margaret Zuagg,,b. abt. 1647. They baptized at least five children at Signau, including:
….2. Nicholas Lehman, b. 22 December 1678Lehman, Nicholas b. 22 December1678Lehman, Nicholas b. 22 December 1678 at Signau, Canton Bern, Switzerland
….He married Anna RuffenachtRuffenacht, Anna, b. 25 November 1683 at Eggiwil, Canton Bern. They baptized at least  five children at Signau bet. 1707 and 1716. They then relocated to Limbach, Eschweilerhof, Germany where the line continues as follows:
……3. Peter Leeman, b. November 1725Leeman, Peter b. November 1725 in Limbach
……..4. Georg Lehmann, b. 1750Lehmann, Georg b. 1750 in Limbach
……….5. Daniel Lehmann, b. 1779Lehmann, Daniel b. 1779 in Limbach
…………6. Daniel Lehmann, b. 1811Lehmann, Daniel b. 1811 in Limbach
…………..7. Christian Lehmann, b. 1848Lehmann, Christian b. 1848 in Limbach; d. 1940
…………….8. Wilhelm Lehmann, b. 1884Lehmann, Wilhelm b. 1884 in Limbach, Eschweilerhof, Germany; d. 1972. 
..................( Arthur Lehmann, b. abt 1927, is the  participant who yields Result 42 

Test 64
        A participant who is a resident of Eggiwil in the Swiss Emmental traces his family to Signau, which is only a few kilometers away.
        This family has been traced historically to connect to research by Artur Lehmann at Signau. Artur Lehmann has traced his ancestors to Signau and as far back as the beginning of Kirchbuch records in the mid 1500. He has done the same with this line, but it does not appear that he has found the common ancestor between this family, Test 64 and his, Test 42. In any event, on the nine common allele this result is identical to Test 42
..1. Ulrich Lehmann, b. 1562Lehmann, Ulrich b. 1562 in Signau, Canton Bern, Switzerland
.. He married Elsi JennerJenner, Elsi, b. abt. 1564 in Signau; m. 03 November 1589 in Signau.
….2. Ulrich Lehmann, b. 05 August 1593Lehmann, Ulrich b. 05 August 1593 in Signau       
.. He married Barbli FrickFrick, Barbli, b. abt. 1595.  
……3. Oswald Lehmann, b. 26 August 1632Lehmann, Oswald b. 26 August 1632 in Signau  
……He married Anna Schenk,Schenk, Anna b. abt. 1643 in Signau, Switzerland; m. 27 November 1668 in Eggiwil; d. bef. 1678.
……..4. Ulrich Lehmann, b. 07 March 1673Lehmann, Ulrich b. 07.March 1673 in Signau       
……..He married Magdalena Meyer,Meyer, Magdalena b. abt. 1675 in Signau; m. 10 December 1697 in Signau.
……….5. Adelreich Lehmann, b. 01 January 1708Lehmann, Adelreich b. 01 January 1708 in Eggiwil
……….He married Barbara Steiner,Steiner, Barbara b. abt. 1710 in Eggiwil; m. 12 June 1733 in Eggiwil.
…………6. Hans Lehmann, b. 06 September 1737Lehmann, Hans b. 06 September 1737 in Eggiwil
………… He married Elisabeth MossbergerMossberger, Elisabeth, b. abt. 1739; m. 12 August 1763 in Eggiwil.
…………..7. Ulrich Lehmann, b. 15 July 1764Lehmann, Ulrich b. 15 July 1764         
…………..He married Elsbeth Dummermuth,Dummermuth, Elsbeth b. 19 May 1771 at Buchholterberg, Oberdiessbach, Canton Bern; m. 25 January 1793.
…………….8. Abraham Lehmann, b. 28 September 1794Lehmann, Abraham b. 28 September 1794 in Munster, Bern City  
…………….He married Magdalena GehrigGehrig, Magdalena, b. abt. 1796.         
………………9. Christian Lehmann, b. 1824Lehmann, Christian b. 1824 at Grosshφchstetten in the Swiss Emmental; d. 1897    
………………He married Maria JossJoss, Maria, b. abt. 1826 at Grosshφchstetten.  
………………..10. Christian Lehmann, b. 1859Lehmann, Christian b. 1859 at Grosshφchstetten
………………..He married Anna Elizabeth PfisterPfister, Anna Elizabeth, b. abt. 1861 at Grosshφchstetten
………………….11. Hans Lehmann, b. 1886Lehmann, Hans b. 1886 at Grosshφchstetten; d. 1971  
………………….He married Emma Kellar,Kellar, Emma b. abt. 1888.  The Test 64 Participant descends from Hans and Emma.

Family E
Test 41 and 158
These participants are father and son who apparently were tested each unbeknownst to the other. Predictably, the nine common markers match. The line is  traced to an immigrant, Clementz Lehman in New York.   For details of this family, see Ch. 15 of Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook. The Haplogroup is I-M170. 
..1. Clementz Lehman, b. abt. 1688 in Europe; d. bef. 1754 in Greene Co., NY
….2. Jacob Lehman, b. 1732 or 1733 in Greene Co, NY; d. aft. 1790 in New York
……3. Jeremiah Lehman, b. 1765 in Greene Co, NY 
……..4. Abraham Lehman, b. abt. 1790 in Schoharie Co., NY; d. aft.1867
..........5. Joseph Doer Lehman, b. 1847 in LaPorte Co., IN; d. in Lancaster Co., NE
............6. Will C. Lehman, b. 1873 in Lancaster Co.; d. 1942 in Lancaster Co. 
..........;....7. Francis Glenn Lehman, b. 1900 in Gage Co., NE; d. Mar 1960 in Lancaster Co., NE. Both Participants 41 and 158 descend from Francis.

Test 40
This result differs from the Clementz descendants above  by two changes at a single marker. The compiler has no information relating to the ancestors of the participant who produced the Oxford Result 40, except that the family is said to have come to the US from France and was in Scotland prior to that. This genetic signature differs, showing a 17 instead of a 15 at marker eight, from the Clementz descendants above. Obviously, placement of the producer of this result as a relative of Participants 41 and 158 came about early in the project and is tenuous at best but we will leave it as is till we have a more comprehensive test.

Family F
The Haplogroup here is I-M223.
Tests 83, 151 and 167
..1. John Layman, b. 30 Oct 1796 in Lancaster Co., PA; d. abt. 1870 in Colombiana Co., OH
..+Naomi Fast, b. abt. 1795 in Green Co., PA; m. 1815 in Monagehela Co., VA; d. abt. 1852 in Barbour Co., VA
....2. James Wesley Layman, b. 17 Feb 1817 in Monogehela Co., VA; d. 22 Sep 1876 in Barbour Co., WV
….+Mariah Ashcraft, b. abt. 1819; m. 1839 
……3. Gideon Marion Layman, b. 06 Nov 1848 in Barbour Co., VA; d. 28 Sep 1927 in Upsher Co., WV
……+Hannah Bennett, b. abt. 1850 
........4. Charles Braxton Layman, b. abt. 1888; d. 1979
..........5. Austin Creed Layman, b. 1920; d. 1972
..........+Daisy Bennett, b. abt. 1922. Participant 83 descends from Austin and Daisy 
......3. Wesley Lewellyn Layman, b. 12 Jun 1849 in Upshur Co., VA; d. 23 Nov 1906 in Barbour Co., WV
...... +Sarah Catherine Reed, b. abt. 1851
.........4. James Eldon Wesley Layman, b. 02 Apr 1876 in Upshur Co., VA; d. 27 Dec 1960 in Marion Co., WV
........+Emma Blanche Brock, b. abt. 1878
..........5. Robert Oscar Layman, b. 10 Jul 1913 in Marion Co., WV; d. 12 Feb 2005 in Marion Co., WV. Participant 167 descends from Robert.
….2. Jacob Layman, b. 08 Aug 1824 in Colombiana Co., OH; d. 23 Sep 1910 in Marion Co., WV
…. +Nancy Drusila Hawkins, b. abt. 1826 in Virginia; d. 17 Dec 1869 in Marion Co., WV
……3. Emory Layman, b. 1846
…… +Margaret Rutherford, b. abt. 1846
……..4. Elida Elsworth Layman, b. 09 Feb 1868 in Marion Co., WV; d. 1944 in Harrison Co., WV
……..+Harriet Ashcraft. b. 18 Jan 1871 in West Virginia; d. 07 Mar 1956 in Preston Co., WV
……….5. William Charles Henry Layman, b. 11 Feb 1892 in Taylor Co., WV; d. 23 Apr 1962 in Harrison Co., WV
……….+Frankie Elizabeth Rush. b. 03 Jan 1893 in Taylor Co., WV; d. Dec 1978 in Harrison Co., WV
…………6.William R. Layman, b. 25 Oct 1916 in Taylor Co., WV; d. 07 Mar 1996 in Anne Arundel Co., MD. Participant 151 descends from William.

Test 45

        A descendant of Jacob Lehman who lived in Pennsylvania and was b. abt. 1787 produced this result. In this FTDNA expansion of an early ten-marker test, he generates a Y-chromosome line which differs from the foregoing Test 83  by only two  changes in 37 markers, giving rise to  the probability of a common ancestor after immigration. He may be a brother to the Gen 1 John of Tests 83 and 151. With Test 151 we have 67 markers to compare and we have a better than even probability of a common ancestor within nine generations. It all suggests that the immigrant is one of those chronicled in Ch. 17 of  LLGH.
..1. Jacob Lehman, b. abt. 1787; d. in Pennsylvania
….2. Henry Lehman, b. abt. 1839 in Cumberland Co., PA
……3. Clarence O. Lehman, b. 1883 in  Cumberland Co.
……..4. John L. Lehman, b. abt. 1920 in Franklin Co., PA

Test 44

c        A participant who is a citizen and resident of Australia relates that his family tradition is that his ancestors were French Huguenot watch-makers who immigrated to England from France. This genetic signature does not resemble any other result to date except # 45, above, differing by one change in 10 markers. A more comprehensive test is needed. 
..1. Henry Lemons, b. Moorgate, Middlesex, England, abt. 1772 
….2. Henry Lemmon, b. 1802 in Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England; d. 1868 in Pancras, Middlesex, England
……3. Henry Temple Lemmon, b. 1845 in Pancras; d. 1923 in Tooting, Surry, England. 
……..4. Henry Charles Lemmon, b. 1874

Test 181
We have here another factual situation of a test of a descendant of a mid or late 19th Century immigrant matching that of a an early immigrant. The earliest known ancestor of Participant 181 emigrated from Ireland in the mid to late 19th Century. The test score is a close match for Family F. Historical research on the Family F line becomes a little fuzzy when one gets back to the early 1800s but it appears to be traced to two different ancestors b. in Pennsylvania in the late 1700s. An early Philadelphia immigrant is suggested. The line is not traced to an immigrant. There is no indication known to the compiler, either in historical research or family tradition, that any ancestors of Participants 45, 83, 151, or 167 came to the New World from Ireland. This scenario suggests that the ancestors of Participant 181 may have immigrated to Ireland from the European continent during roughly the same time period that ancestors of the other four found their way to America.
..1. Thomas Lemon, b. abt. 1840 in Ireland; d. abt. 1889 in Stamford, CT
….2. John W. Lemon, b. 1877 in Stamford, CT; d. 1936 in Stamford, CT
……3. John W. Lemon, b. 1913 in Stamford, CT; d. 1986 in Stamford, CT. Participant 181 descends from John.

Family G
        Tests 52 and 84, at the nine common markers, exhibit a difference of one change at a single marker. Test 146 differs from Test 139 by only 3 changes at 37 markers. What this tells us is that, as  we had previously speculated but was unproven, Anderson was a descendant or otherwise a relative of Mordecai Lamons. The Haplogroup is R-M512.

Test  52 and 139
These participants are descendants of Mordecai Lamons. Mordecai was the son of John Lamons, who executed his will in Robeson Co., NC on 21 Nov 1790. The family is said to have come to the New World from Scotland. The line of descent of Participant 52 was not provided. 
..1. John Lamans, b. abt. 1740; d. aft. 7 Apr 1792 in Robeson Co., NC 
….2. Mordecai Lamons, b. abt. 1775; d. 1841 in Morgan Co., AL
….+ Mary Black, b. abt. 1777; d. 1860 
……3. Peter Jackson Lamons, b. 1812 
……+ Sarah West, b. 1815; d. 1902
……..4. John Wesley William Lamons, b. 13 Dec 1840 in Morgan Co., AL                
……..+Rebecca Ann Stree, b. 16 Mar 1864; m. 05 May 1878 in Howell Co., MO    
……….5. Orville Lamons, b. abt. 1885                   
…………6. Merle Franklin Lamons, b. 24 Sep 1917 in Oklahoma; d. 24 Nov 1988 in San Bernadino Co., CA. Participant 139 descends from Merle.

Test 84 and 146
The lineage of these participants has been traced as follows;
..1. Anderson Leamon, b. abt. 1826 in Tennessee 
..+Patsy Garner, b. abt. 1828; m. 1845 
….2. Samuel Thomas Leamon, b. Aug 1846 in Murray Co., GA; d. 1916 in McMinn Co., TN
……3. Tobe Charles Leamon, b. 06 Mar 1887 in Bradley Co., TN; d. 08 Mar 1972 in Jefferson Co., AL
……..4. Charles Lowell Leamon, b. 06 Nov 1913 in Bradley Co., TN; d. 15 Feb 1980 in Jefferson Co., AL. Participant 146 descends from Charles.
....2. William Harrison Leamon, b. 09 Mar 1853 in Hamilton Co., TN; d. 11 Oct 1915 in Hamilton Co.
….+Elizabeth Bessie Morgan, b. 23 Oct 1854 in Hamilton Co.; d. 29 Mar 1943 in Hamilton Co.
……3. James Alfred Leamon, b. 05 Mar 1875 in Hamilton Co.; d. 08 Sep 1950 in Hamilton Co.
……+Martha Isabella Coker, b. 06 Jan 1876 in Arkansas; d. 18 Jul 1976 in Hamilton Co., TN
........4. William Hamilton Leamon, b. 10 Aug 1900 in Hamilton Co.; d. 16 Feb 1978 in Hamilton Co.
……..+Thelma Johnson, b. 19 Aug 1906 in Tennessee 
……….5. James Ralph Leamon, b. 23 Apr 1924 in Hamilton Co.; d. 29 Aug 1986 in Hamilton Co.
……….+Edith Harmon, b. 14 Dec 1926. Participant 84 descends from James and Edith.

Information was compiled and edited by Earl R. Layman, elayman814@aol.com, 2525 Lakefront Dr., Knoxville, TN 37922. revised 31 Dec 2017. 

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